Friday, 28 January 2011

Ar-Riddah (Apostasy) - Question & Answer 3

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Give the name of one [Islamic reference] from those who conveyed the consensus about charging with kufr the person who uttered a blasphemous word or did a blasphemous action.

Taj ad-Din as-Subkiyy said in his book “Muqadimat at-Tabaqat”:

“There is no disagreement among al-’Ash^ariyy and his companions, say rather among all the Muslims, that the person who utters a saying of kufr or does the doings of al-kuffar is a kafir about Allah al-^Adhim.

Furthermore, he will dwell eternally in Hellfire, even though his heart knows [the truth]. However, knowledge does not benefit him with [his] stubbornness and does not protect him [from becoming kafir]. No two Muslims disagree about that [judgment].”

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