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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kanak-Kanak Kurang Tidur Penyebab "Hyperactive"

  Mohd Shubhi       Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Satu kajian mencadangkan bahawa kanak-kanak yang tak cukup tidur bakal menghadapi masalah sikap tak terkawal dan juga masalah hyperactive.

Anak-anak antara 7 tahun ke 8 tahun yang tidur dengan cukup selama lebih dari lapan jam sehari dapat menghindari dari menghadapi masalah hyperactive tersebut.

Mungkin ada kebenarannya kerana anak lelaki saya yang hyperactive amat payah untuk tidur, dia paksa untuk berjaga. Kalau tidak di marahi agar segera tidur alamat dia berjaga sehingga lewat malam.

Baca laporan di bawah;

Too little sleep 'can make children hyperactive'

Getting too little sleep can make children more likely to develop behavioural problems and become hyperactive, a new study suggests.

Children sleeping: Too little sleep 'can make children hyperactive'
Researchers believe that ensuring that children get enough sleep could cut their likelihood of developing ADHD Photo: GETTY
Youngsters aged between seven and eight who got an average of less than eight hours sleep a night had a higher chance of showing symptoms of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), researchers found.
Researchers believe that ensuring that children get enough sleep could cut their likelihood of developing the condition.
"We were able to show that short sleep duration and sleeping difficulties are related to behavioural symptoms of ADHD, and we also showed that short sleep, per se, increases behavioural symptoms, regardless of the presence of sleeping difficulties", said Dr Juulia Paavonen of the University of Helsinki, who led the study.
Researchers tested how long 280 children slept and compared the results to a series of tests designed to diagnose ADHD.
Those who slept less than 7.7 hours scored higher in tests for hyperactivity and impulsivity than those who slept for longer, the findings, published in the journal Paediatrics, show. None of the children were suffering from sleeping problems.
Dr Paavonen added: "The findings suggest that maintaining adequate sleep schedules among children is likely to be important in preventing behavioural symptoms."
She also called for further research to establish the nature of the link.
Last year experts warned that parents were "too reliant" on drugs like Ritalin to treat the symptoms of ADHD and said that medication should be prescribed only in the most severe cases.
There were 700,000 prescriptions dispensed in England last year for Ritalin and similar drugs, a seven-fold increase in just a decade.
Around three per cent of school-age children in Britain have ADHD and the disorder is also thought to affect around two per cent of adults.

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